An italian company esteemed around the world.

Since its founding in 1971 - IRC S.p.A. has evolved to become one of the largest companies in the manufacture of butt welding fittings, recognized and appreciated around the globe. The distinguishing factor that made us one of the most important companies in this sector is essentially one, our intense dedication to our work.  For 40 years we have believed that our daily work must be at the total service of our clients, most of which are large companies recognized at an international level or smaller entrepreneurial businesses. For this reason we have adopted an extremely versatile working strategy, able to manage both large special production projects as well as smaller orders of immediately available products from our warehouses. We are therefore proud to have reached the apex of excellence in our sector:  constant research and technological, managerial and qualitative improvement – supported by a continuously updated avant-garde information technologies system, have allowed us to create a flexible production department and a vast warehouse always stocked with products from ½” al 40” in diverse depths and material grades. The obtainment of these objectives has developed in unison with the expansion of our facilities, which from the original 7,000 m² now extend to approximately 50,000 m², of which 20,000 are covered. Competence, assistance and quality:  the driving forces of our work, at your complete service for 40 years.