The story of a family and the future of a company.

At the beginning of the ’70s Italy was on the rise, there was economic growth and there were many opportunities for those who knew how to seize them.
In the ferment of those years, thanks to the entrepreneurial and far-sighted spirit of four partners belonging to the same family, IRC was established in 1971 and since then the management and ownership have never changed, marking every result achieved with the passion and determination that only strong ties know how to build and consolidate.

The greatest pride in the success of this corporate formula comes today 50 years after its foundation: IRC marks the entrance of the third generation, ready to pursue its objectives with the same commitment and enthusiasm as those who preceded them and who now accompanies in professional growth.
This climate of full family collaboration is also reflected in internal relations: in fact, the responsibility that IRC feels and manifests towards its collaborators and their families is strong.

Thanks to these values, IRC has grown into a reliable and financially solid production business, so much so that it never has to resort to external investors, a factor of great pride for a company that has been able to expand in full autonomy first at a national level, and then looking beyond the border and making the world its reference market: its leadership in the production of butt welded fittings is well known in Europe as well as in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia and South America.
A trend even stronger in 2020, with the opening in Spain of ADT Piping Solutions, a company that offers flanges, forged fittings, butt welding fittings, valves and special products for the following sectors: oil & gas, petrochemical, shipyard, civil and industrial plant.

The achievement of these commercial and financial objectives went hand in hand with the expansion of the company which, from the original 7,000 square metres, currently extends to approximately 70,000 square metres of which 35,000 are covered.

70,000 square metres used to create your projects.

From the beginning, IRC has structured a flexible production sector capable of guaranteeing fast production times, both thanks to the availability of a large stock of raw materials, and through the installation of manufacturing lines that allow for optimisation of execution times.
In this way, IRC was able to organise itself to manage both large special production projects and the picking of consumables for products immediately available in its warehouses.

Speed, flexibility and reliability.

One of the most important strengths of our company is the large stock of finished or semi-finished products, which occupies an area of about 35,000 square metres and which contains an important quantity of items diversified by material grades, dimensions that include products from ½” to 48″ in different thicknesses and construction norms, including both EN and ASME.

Corporate Video

Corporate Video


The company grows, the industry evolves.

IRC has seized the opportunities that the Industry 4.0 project offers to companies by inserting new integrated IT systems in its departments. Trusting in the future and in new technologies, the Company is constantly evaluating the new ways that the technological innovation plans offer to improve its business sectors: from production efficiency to product storage, from quality control to safety at work, always respecting the surrounding environment. The purpose of this evolution is to guarantee the best possible product and service to its customers, so that they can gain an economic and qualitative advantage.

Attention to new market needs led to the decision to implement the production and storage of fittings according to the EN10253-1, EN10253-2 and EN10253-4 standards, as well as introducing a new furnace for the heat treatment of fittings in high yield materials. This makes it possible to identify IRC as an increasingly indispensable supplier in an international market that faces increasingly diversified and complex needs.


Values and tradition


Fairness towards Customers, Suppliers and Workers.


A reasoned and constant growth over time has allowed the creation of a reliable and solid company, recognised by the banking system with a rating of AA+.


Nothing has changed since day one: the love and commitment we put into our work have remained unchanged ever since.


Name and logos have remained unchanged making IRC easily identifiable and confirming the seriousness at the base of our business.


The care and application in the things we do every day allows us to offer products and services that always live up to expectations.


IRC was born in 1971 from a unique and shared entrepreneurial intuition. Even today, all the shares belong to the founding families.


Paying attention to others


IRC actively participates in the well-being of the surrounding community by supporting social, sporting and leisure activities.


IRC is based in an area of natural reserves and rural activities. The environment that surrounds us is for us a heritage to be carefully protected.


Always a fixed point, IRC takes all precautions so that the work activity is carried out in a healthy and safe environment, respecting the directives prescribed in terms of health and safety at work.

Over the world

A company present all over the world.


We have over 10 branches around the world.


We have customers from more than 100 countries around the world.


We speak more than 12 languages.


We have obtained approvals from the major international players.


We actively participate in the main sector events in the world.